During primary school, computers were used to take lessons that were boring and make them a fun learning experience. We had different games that we played that made us use arithmetic to get to the next level, and interactive spelling games to help us expand our vocabularies. When I got to high school, the only thing we used technology for was keyboarding. Even though the entire class knew how to do this all ready, the school thought it was necessary, and I did not use technology for anything else that I can remember while I was in high school. 

In my classroom, I plan to use technology to help better my students understanding of difficult subject matter, and I will do this by finding ways to allow students to go through interactive examples of how to solve math problems. I will also post videos that can be reviewed at any time, and this will allow the students to see what I did to solve the problem from their homes without actually having to see me.

I’m not that comfortable with setting up different sites and programs on the computer, but I’m going to do it for the benefit of my students. I haven’t figured out a way to implement technology in my classroom yet, but hopefully in the near future, I will find something to put into my lesson plan.