In this video, a group of people used a video game to help students learn how to become more social. The video game is set on an alien planet, and the students have to navigate the planet trying to find the broken parts of their ship to get off of the planet. To find the pieces of their ship, the students have to interact with aliens and decide what the aliens are trying to tell them by using only facial expressions given to them. The students must choose actions that will resolve an issue if the alien is upset or angry, and if they choose the wrong response, the aliens frustration will increase instead of go away. This actually helps students know what to do or say in real life situations, and with their experience from the game, they will be able to help a friend who is frustrated by recalling the answers they used in the game to make the situation go away. Over all, the students who play the game are learning to interact with other people in the real world in a more efficient way. If students were taught how to do this at an early age, it would set them up for success in the future, and they would be able to better handle face to face interactions with other people.