I believe that Project Based Learning is a better way to teach in the classroom, and I wish I would have been exposed to it more often in high school. With project based learning, students are not just sitting in a classroom looking at a board with writing on it. Students are forced to dig deeper into the material that they are learning, and at the end of lessons, the students understand the subject of the lesson more in depth. This can do nothing but benefit them in the end. An example of project based learning in the math classroom is students are asked to go out in the world and find different geometric shapes in nature and make a power point of what they have found. In traditional learning, students would just have different shapes drawn on a board in front of them, and they would copy what they see and not get to find out on their own where the shape exists around them in everyday objects. I did not have the pleasure of learning through project based learning in all my classes in high school, but I did get to see a glimpse of it in my physics class. When we got to the subject of velocity, acceleration, and trajectory, we built and shot rockets on the football field, and after we shot them, we used the time it took the rocket to get to the top of its curve and the angle from the ground to the top of the curve to determine the velocity and altitude of the flight. The time it took to build and shoot the rockets in class was one of the most enjoyable experiences I had in High school, and I can honestly say that I looked forward to going to school on the days we were working with rockets.