I have not had the pleasure of getting to use online discussions in any of my classes yet, but I do believe that I would have benefited from online discussions in most of my classes. In some of my classes, there is the problem of having so many people in the class that not everyone gets to voice their opinion, and I believe that everyone has the right to be heard in class no matter how often or uncommon they speak in class. The students who do not talk frequently in class are the ones who would benefit from online discussions a great deal. With online discussions, these students would be able to voice their opinions whenever they feel like it, and their opinions would be heard instead of left silent in the class. I believe classes like English and Religion would benefit the most from online discussions. With discussions in these classes, the students could talk about different books more in depth and further their knowledge on each subject. The only non-academic discussion forum that I use on a regular basis would be twitter, and with some of the people I follow, it keeps me up to date on issues such as school functions, old classmates, and upcoming events that I need to attend.