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Ed Tech Observation

During my observation at Trinity, I was put in Mrs. Long’s classroom, and during the observation, she showed me technology that she used to help her students learn math. Some of the technology included a smart board and a podcast on i-tunes. With the smart board, she would connect it with her i-pad and sit at her desk. After she connected the i-pad, she would write on it at her desk and display it on the smart board. In doing this, she could show the entire class how to do something while she is explaining it to a student at her desk.
In her podcast, Mrs. Long would put each lesson she taught on there and make hers students take notes off of the podcast. This freed her up during class to go over examples and really make the students understand the material.


Can online classes be helpful in learning? I strongly urge anyone who has the opportunity to take an online class not to take the online class, and I say this because I have taken two in my life time. With these online classes, I was the only one who I could depend on to get my assignments done. I like to have the comfort of knowing that I can call people or see people in class and talk to them about the assignments we have. During the time I was taking the class online, I lost my syllabus and was unable to know when my assignments were due. I know that these are personal reasons as to why you should not take an online class, but if you are like me, you may end up doing the same thing I did.